Offering a pre-eminent program for the education and formation of deacons for The Episcopal Church
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Called to Love and Serve

Deacons make a difference --

  • in the church
  • in a hurting world

We form deacons who make a DIFFERENCE!

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Why Give to the School for Deacons?

Core principles that show the value of the school, and the impact donations will have on the school, the future of the church, and the care of the world.

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Ye Olde Hermeneutic

“The Communists stole our colours. Poverty is at the centre of the Gospels; the poor are at the centre of the Gospels.” Pope Francis, quoted in The Tablet-UK.

News for the Weekend of August 23-24, 2014

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

Welcome our Saturday Deacon, The Rev. Catherine Costas

“Exodus from Privilege: A Reflection on the Diaconate in Acts 6” proposes a significant reframing of our understanding of the Diaconate in The Episcopal Church.

Download article (pdf)


Ye Olde Hermeneutic

“Deacons should rule the world.”
The Rt. Rev. David Rice, Bishop of San Joaquin.

News for the Weekend of May 10-11, 2014

(Written by Rod Dugliss, edited by Rebecca Morehouse)

A VERY SPECIAL WELCOME to our presider for Saturday and our special visitor--

Upcoming Community Events

Saturday, September 13, 2014 (All day)
Saturday, December 13, 2014 (All day)
Friday, January 2, 2015 (All day)

In Bishop's Ranch, Healdsburg

Upcoming Class Weekends

Sep 13 - Sep 14
Oct 4 - Oct 5
Nov 1 - Nov 2
Nov 22 - Nov 23

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